Welcome to keeping current!

Why hello there!

Welcome to Keeping Current- your source for everything history in the making! With our current political realm, it is often difficult to stay up to date on all the things that matter. So, here is where Keeping Current comes into play. I wanted to create an easy to read, pleasant site for people to be able to research about current events, our past history, and other helpful tips to navigating our government.

First, let’s get to know each other! You can learn more about me below, and I surely hope to hear more from you in the comment section!

What do I want you all to know most? Well, mainly that this website is not meant to be silent! If you’re anything like me, you hate to hear only your own voice, and a blog is no different! So please, talk and voice your opinions in the comment sections of each blog or by reaching out to me using the Contact form on the Contact Page! Even more important, please feel free to visit the Explore Page to read articles that peak your interests!

Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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